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Learn the Lingo: Your Smart Shopping Dictionary

Don’t let acronyms confuse and detract from your smart-shopping habits  

Learn the Lingo: Your Smart Shopping Dictionary

BOGO, CC, GWP - - SRSLY?! If you’re brand new to smart shopping, the acronyms can be more than a little confusing. But fret not! Use our glossary and you’ll be a pro WYB (that’s “when you buy”) your next smart shopping haul.

AR: After rebate

B&M: Brick and mortar (referring to a physical store, rather than an e-commerce site)

BOGO: Buy one, get one

Catalina: The name for a machine that prints out coupons after your purchase, typically at the grocery store.

CB: Cash Back

CC: Credit Card

CPN: Coupon

CSR: Customer service representative

FS: Free shipping

GC: Gift certificate or gift card

GWP: Gift with purchase

IR: Instant rebate

LPG: Lower price guarantee

MIB: Mint in box, means the product has never been opened and is 100% in tact. You may also see NIB (new in box).

MIR: Mail-in rebate

NED: No expiration date

NWOT: New without tags (if you’re searching for things on re-sale sites like eBay or Amazon, you may see this)

NWT: New with tags

OOS: Out of stock

Peelie: A coupon located directly on a product that peels off.

POP: Proof of purchase

RP: Rewards program

S&H / SH: Shipping and handling

TOS: Terms of service

WYB: When you buy

YMMV: Your merchandise/mileage may vary (this means you may not be able to score the deal at your local store)

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