5 Sneaky Charges to Stop Today

There’s no better time than now to eliminate excess fees for good.

Free Shipping Isn’t Always “Free”

It happens to the best of us. We get robbed of a few precious bucks here and there without even knowing it. With our help, you can avoid the following unnecessary payments, leaving you more money to invest in things that really matter.

  • “Free” shipping: E-commerce wouldn’t survive if the retailer really were paying for shipping. And that’s where comparison shopping becomes an important tool. Look at the whole picture; you might be receiving free shipping, but the item is more expensive.
  • Gym membership fees: Prefer working out in nature when it’s warm outside? Put your gym membership on hold for a bit. It usually incurs a small fee (sometimes as little as $10 per month) compared with $55 a month for the membership you’ll be wasting. In three months time, you could save as much as $135.
  • Checking and ATM fees: The average monthly charge is $5.48, so seeking out a fee-free bank or credit union can save you as much as $66 each year.
  • Late fees: Sign up for your bank’s automatic bill payment service. This works well for recurring payments in the same amount (think mortgage, student loan, car insurance). You won’t wreck your credit or rack up fees by missing due dates. And you’ll save on postage, too!
  • Ticket fees: Instead of going to a concert, skip the tickets (and extra fees) by playing your favorite band’s album at home or by renting a concert DVD from Netflix or your local library. Also, check your local paper for free concerts.