A Guide to the Best Beauty Bargains

Sick of spending money on makeup? Learn where to find the best beauty bargains with this strategic guide.

Beauty Bargains


Shop online for luxury goods for less, easy comparisons and a wide selection of hard-to-find items.

Find Obscure Items—Fast
The Internet is your surest bet for quickly finding what you need. Large e-tailers, including drugstore.com, beautybar.com and sephora.com, have a wide range of beauty products in one place (Amazon carries many as well), so you can get everything you need in one speedy transaction.

Use Coupon Codes to Get Discounts
Start at retailmentot.com's beauty section, which posts current sales and coupon codes. One recent find: $10 off a $50 purchase at beautybar.com, plus free shipping and a bonus gift. Looking for a specific product? Type it in at Google's shopping tab to make sure you get the best price, then check retailmenot.com for a coupon code. Also sign up for e-mail newsletters from your favorite e-tailers to get coupons sent to you.

Experiment with New Trends on a Budget
If you love to try the latest beauty crazes, it might be worth investing $10 per month to subscribe to a "sample society'' which earns you a box full of high-end product samples, as well as discounts on full-size versions. GIosybox.com and birchbox.com are two popular societies. Glosybox turns to more than 100 niche beauty brands to source a variety of trial-size products, and Birchbox samples are tested and hand-selected by experts.

Cash in on Freebies
There are tons of resources for beauty fans online. Freebeautyevents.com promotes special events, and paulaschoice.com provides product reviews by experts and decodes industry terms.