Secrets to healthy skin

Look your best this season without spending a bundle! Follow our easy tips and make-up tricks to have healthy, glowing skin all winter long.

Hide Dark Eye Cricles

Learn how to cover dark circles and liven up your eyes with these easy beauty tricks!

Get rid of dark circles under eyes

Follow these simple steps to banish dark circles forever:

  • Think creamy and light: A formula that’s too thick or dry can age you. Find a shade that is slightly paler than your skin tone—pink for fair, peach for medium and orange for darker complexions.
  • Pat, don’t rub: Dot concealer sparingly from the inner corners to below the center of the eyes. (Applying cover-up on crow’s-feet can accentuate them even more.) Gently blend to even out the coverage. Set with powder.
  • Brighten the area: Sweep a light shadow on your lids, and dab highlighter on the brow bone and in the inner corners of the eyes.