Secrets to healthy skin

Look your best this season without spending a bundle! Follow our easy tips and make-up tricks to have healthy, glowing skin all winter long.

Get That Healthy Winter Glow

 Keep your skin vibrant and luxuriously soft all winter with these simple tips.


PROBLEM #4: Cracked hands and feet The hands and feet are common spots for cracked skin, a sign of extreme dryness.

TREAT IT: Wrap them up. Dip your hands and feet in lukewarm water, pat dry and moisturize with petroleum jelly. "Wrap hands and feet in plastic wrap, then put on a pair of thick cotton mittens and socks. Keep them on while you sleep," says Dr. Berson

PREVENT IT: Moisturize. See "Dry, flaky skin," above, for helpful tips. Apply an alpha-hydroxy cream. The acids in this product strip away dead skin cells, which are prone to cracking, and reveal new, fresher-looking skin cells, says John E. Wolf Jr., MD, chairman of the dermatology department at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston. Cover up. Wear gloves and thick socks outdoors to protect your skin from cold weather.