Secrets to healthy skin

Look your best this season without spending a bundle! Follow our easy tips and make-up tricks to have healthy, glowing skin all winter long.

Get That Healthy Winter Glow

 Keep your skin vibrant and luxuriously soft all winter with these simple tips.


PROBLEM #4: Cold sores The herpes virus causes cold sores. They flare up in cold-weather months, possibly due to changes in your immune system.

TREAT IT: Let them heal. Cold sores tend to heal on their own within a week, so avoid picking at a blister. Use an over-the-counter cream. These antiviral creams and gels, like Abreva, can relieve the symptoms and may shorten the healing time. See your doc. If you're breaking out a few times a year, get a prescription for an antiviral drug. It may shorten the duration of outbreaks, says Dr. Wolf.

PREVENT IT: Wear lip balm with sunscreen. Since sunlight triggers cold sores, use a lip balm that has an SPF 15 or a hydrating lipstick that contains sunscreen, advises Dr. Wolf. Your lips will stay moist and soft, too.

Written by ― Amy Capetta