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Cover Rosacea with Makeup

When symptoms flare up, you can hide from the world or hide your rosacea with these makeup tricks. We chose option two!

foundation for rosacea

Camouflage rosacea outbreaks with these simple remedies:

  • Downplay ruddy skin: Neutralize redness by smoothing a green-tinted primer on clean, moisturized skin, then follow with a liquid or cream foundation that is oil- and fragrance-free and won’t clog pores. Use concealer on any remaining problem areas.
  • Divert the focus: Many women with rosacea experience frequent flushing. To downplay flare-ups, forgo cheek color (your natural flush gives you plenty of color) and play up another feature that’s not affected by the inflammation, such as your eyes or lips. Avoid pearly formulas (they can irritate sensitive skin), and opt for neutral shades.