5 New Ways to Use a Mascara Wand

Don't toss that mascara wand! Here are five new ways to use them—even after your favorite formula has run out.

What to do With Wands

Hang on to your mascara wands! Here are five surprising ways they can come in handy.

  1. Tame eyebrows. Unruly brows meet their match in an old mascara wand. When you wake up to brows that won't lie flat, use a mascara wand to smooth them. (Just make sure you've cleaned and dried the wand first so you don't leave black residue on your brows.) If you need to trim your brows, a mascara wand can come in handy, too; use it to brush brows up, making it easier to snip stray hairs.
  2. De-clump mascara. Keep a clean wand on hand to remove clumps and separate lashes when you're applying mascara.  
  3. Control flyaways. Spray a bit of hairspray on a clean mascara wand and use it to brush pesky flyaways on your hairline back into place.
  4. Keep it as a cleaning secret weapon. Save a mascara wand and store it with your cleaning supplies to de-germ hard-to-reach spots, such as in between bathroom tiles.
  5. Save a favorite brush. Some people are very partial to a particular mascara wand. If you prefer one mascara formula but don't love the wand it's packaged with, hang on to old wands you do love and just dip them into the different formula.