5 Ways to Get Gorgeous Hair — Fast!

Even if your mornings are too hectic for blow-drying and fussing with flatirons, these snappy hairdos can make it look as though you had time to spare. 

get gorgeous hair fast

Five Common Hair Problems, Fixed! 

Try these quick tricks to solve common hair concerns

1. Frizzies and flyaways: Mist an old (but clean!) toothbrush with hairspray and lightly comb it over stands to smooth and tame. 

2. Flat top: To boost strands after they’ve (inevitably) fallen midday—or sooner—pull a Mohawk section of hair up into a pouf, sprtiz with dry shampoo or hairspray and secure with a claw clip. Leave hair up for 10 minutes, then release to reveal renewed lift.

3. Wonky bangs: Always blow-dry fringe right to left and left to right (like you’re flipping the pages of a book). Alternate directions a few times before guiding bangs straight down toward your chin with the airflow.

4. Cowlicks: Re-wet only the stubborn piece and pointing drying in the direction you want the hair to fall, give it a blast until dry. Hold the section down with three fingers as it cools and sets.

5. Pesky grays: Quickly zoom in on white streaks between salon visits with mascara or a brow pencil, using one that matches your hair color. It’s inexpensive  and easy, and it washes right out with your next shampoo.