5 Ways to Get Gorgeous Hair — Fast!

Even if your mornings are too hectic for blow-drying and fussing with flatirons, these snappy hairdos can make it look as though you had time to spare. 

get gorgeous hair fast

Style 1: Defined (Natural) Curls in 4 Minutes 
• This is one for the already-curly girls. Because spirals lack moisture, the key to a soft, frizz-free feel is hydration.
• When you get out of the shower, immediately apply a moisturizing leave-in conditioner before towel-drying. That gives a soft foundation, so any styling product you use afterward won’t dry with a crunchy or tacky feel. Blot excess water with a damp towel.
• Next, divide hair into four sections and apply a quarter-size dollop of a water-based gel to each, raking fingers through to evenly distribute the product. Using the same towel, begin scrunching each section: Lift hair from ends to scalp, scrunch once and drop.
• Then hands off! Too much touching roughs up curls and creates frizz. For the softest bounciest results, let hair air-dry. 

Style 2: Voluminous Bounce in 5 Minutes
• One of the easiest ways to cut your morning styling time? Prep hair the night before: Wash with a volumizing shampoo, then apply a light conditioner (to ends only) and rinse thoroughly.
• Next, blow-dry hair until it’s 90 percent dry. Section hair from ear to ear, and divide the front into three smaller pieces (one on the top and one on each side). Wrap each of those around Velcro rollers to create lift; twist the bottom section into a bun and secure with pins.
• When you wake up, before taking out the rollers, blast hair for two minutes with your blow-dryer to set the style. Mist roots with a dry shampoo for added volume. Flip head upside down and tousle. Voila: Amazing body and bounce. 

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Style 3: A Chic Chignon in 6 Minutes
• It’s easy to go sophisticated with a bun, but stick to this casual version for a low-key daytime look. Start by spritzing roots with a volumizing spray. Massage it into your scalp with your fingers.
• Gather hair into two loose ponytails at the nape of your neck, fastening them low (halfway down) with an elastic. Begin rolling one ponytail toward your head until you reach the scallop, then secure with bobby pins. Repeat on the other side, making sure there isn’t a gap between the two; link them with a few hairpins.
• Tuck and pink long layers into the chignon, pulling out a few strands of hair around your hairline and ears for a slightly winsome look. Finish with hairspray. 

Style 4: A Polished Ponytail in 7 Minutes
• Forget the ponytail-as-afterthought. Instead do a quick tease for an easy retro-glam version. Start by creating a deep side part, then tuck face-framing strands behind your ears.
• Now, starting at your crown, begin teasing tresses: Hold up a 1-inch section of hair, pulling it forward, and spritz with hairspray. Using a teasing brush with boar bristles, slowly brush hair from midshaft to roots about three times. Spray with hairspray before letting it fall.
• Repeat until you’re 3 to 4 inches from your hairline. Comb a small section of hair from the front over the pouf. Smooth, being careful not to comb out the volume. Gather everything back into a ponytail. Secure with a clear elastic. 

Style 5: Cascading Waves in 8 Minutes
• Believe it or not, this soft, tousled look is easy to ace, even if you have stick-straight or fine hair. First, brush out any tangles and kinks. Then begin wrapping large sections—about 2 inches for finer hair and 1 inch for thicker hair—around a tapered, clampless curling wand.
• The twist: Instead of wrapping hair flat around the barrel, loosely twirl each section of hair; this creates soft, undone texture. Continue working around your entire head, rotating the curls in different directions (toward the face and away).
• When finished, let curls cool for a minute and top with a light-hold hairspray. Comb fingers through to break up the curls. Flip head upside down and sprtiz again for extra volume.