4 Steps to Perfectly Shaped Brows

Learn about the tools and tricks you need to make your arches look their best—with less time and effort than ever!  

eyebrow shape

Choose Your Brow Enhancer: 
• Pencil
Great for: Control and precision
Pro tip: Use short, feathery strokes to color in brows, then comb through with a spoolie brush to blend and soften the look.
Maybelline Master Shape brow pencil in Soft Brown, $8; ulta.com

• Marker
Great for: Oily skin, because the liquid formula is smudge-proof
Pro tip: Lightly draw on color (just as your would with a brow pencil) for a natural, more defined look.
Eyebrow marker in Deep, $10; nyxcosmetics.com

• Powder
Great for: Creating a soft, subtle look
Pro tip: Using an angled brow brush, sweep a small amount of powder over your natural brow (don’t color outside the lines).
Brow powder in Brown, $6; palladiobeauty.com

• Tinted Gels
Great for: Taming thick, unruly brows
Pro tip: Simply run the mascara-like brush through your brow hair. Use sparingly and only in spots where needed. 
BrowPerfection Brow Building System in Light/Medium, $8; prestigecosmetics.com

After filling in brows, apply a light stick of Vaseline or a spritz of hairspray with a spoolie brush or an old clean toothbrush to lock them in place, add definition and boost shine. 

Dyeing brows: Do or don’t?
Adding color to brows with a quick tint can pull your whole look together. But there are risks: If you botch your DIY dye job, you’ll get an unnatural hue, and if you’re not careful, doing it yourself can lead to injury. Even if you do it right, you’d still need to fill in sparse spots, because tinting doesn’t add volume or shape. 

The best course? Get it done by an expert, who likely will use a semipermanent dye that gradually fades after three to four weeks. Or try a tinted brow gel for a natural look and just the right finishing touch.