6 Surprising Uses for Lemons!

Save big on beauty products by putting your leftover lemons to use!

Lemon slice

Lemons don't just belong in your fridge! You can save money by using this fruit from head to toe in place of expensive beauty products.

  1. Freshen bad breath. Gargle with lemon juice and water to kill odor-causing bacteria, or suck on the lemon wedge served with your water.
  2. Soften skin. Combine lemon zest with sugar and soak the mixture with olive oil for 30 minutes for a homemade body scrub. Give a little extra TLC to dry patches on the elbows, ankles and knees.
  3. Add sunny highlights. Want to lighten your tresses a notch or two? Mix lemon juice with your favorite conditioner and apply to damp locks before heading out to catch some rays.
  4. Fix a streaky tan. To lighten a botched self-tanning job, rub a halved lemon over the area.
  5. Whiten yellow nails. Soak fingers in lemon juice for five minutes. To prevent stains in the future, apply a clear protective base coat before nail polish.
  6. Zap zits. Try lemon juice on blackheads at night to clear up skin.