Find the Right Styles to Flatter Your Bust

It's easy to enhance a small chest or play down a big bosom.

Woman in lace bra

If you're small on top...

  • Get a well-fitting bra with a bit of padding for emphasis
  • Choose high-necked tops (turtlenecks, cowl necks, etc.). They give the illusion of broader shoulders and a bigger bust.
  • Avoid scoop necks and V-necks that only call attention to a small chest.
  • Wear blouses with bold patterns and horizontal stripes.
  • Look for tops with details like ruffles, gathering and breast pockets (try a Western shirt) to add dimension.
  • Choose shirts and jackets with wide lapels and collars.

If you're big on top...

  • Don't wear a too-small bra. Instead of flattening you out, it will just create an unflattering look.
  • Go monochromatic. Dress in one color to create a lean smooth, line and draw the eye away from your chest.
  • Skip the busy patterns and horizontal stripes that will make your chest look larger; try a thin vertical stripe instead.
  • Keep blouses simple. If you like these kinds of details like ruffles, wear them on the hem of your skirt to balance out your proportions.
  • Feel free to wear a scoop neck or V-neck top, just not too plunging.