How to Look Good in Photos

Ready for your close-up? Always look your best in photos with these pointers.

look good in photos

Are you constantly critiquing your appearance in photos? Learn how to be more photogenic and look flawless in pictures with these tips:

Before an event, photo-proof your beauty routine

Strike a flattering pose

  • If you're being photographed next to another person, angle your torso to face them slightly, creating a slimmer profile.
  • Standing up? Cross one of your legs in front of the other. This will give the illusion of longer legs and a leaner silhouette.
  • The famous "skinny arm" trick may be overused, but it works! Not only does putting a hand on your hip lengthen your arm, but it also forces you to stand up a little straighter.
  • Do you have long hair? Before the flash goes off, pull it forward from the base of your neck to the front of your shoulders -- it will look fuller and more voluminous.

And smile!

  • Turn your head slightly to camouflage asymmetry and capture a more flattering angle. (If you’re not in a natural position to turn to the side, tilt your face downwards instead. Think “chin down,” not up.)
  • For a genuine smile that doesn’t look forced, make yourself laugh by thinking of a funny story.
  • As the photographer counts aloud to three, close your eyes, opening them on three as the photo is snapped.
  • For a more natural expression, gaze at a spot slightly above the camera lens instead of directly into it.


Photo credit: Flikr user shewatchedthesky