Visible Panty Lines

Nip the dreaded VPL in the buttt—er, bud! If you're comfortable wearing thong underwear, it's the easiest solution for visible panty lines under summer skirts and dresses—Hanky Panky is known for their comfortable, affordable styles. Can’t bear a thong? Try laser cut underwear, which appears seamless under clothing, or boy shorts that hug your legs and not your cheeks. And if you are wearing white or light colored clothing, stick to a pair of underwear that matches your skin tone. 


We like: Hanky Panky Signature Low-Rise Thong ($20 on barenecessities.com) and Commando Panties (prices start at $20 on barenecessities.com)


Boob Sweat

Real talk: Boob sweat is not the sexiest, but in summer, it's a reality for most of us women. Stick to all-natural clothing fabrics like cotton or linen, or try bra liners that wick away moisture from your body into the liners, leaving you sweat-stain free. 


We like: Moisture-Wicking Bra Liner 2-Pack, $30 on barenecessities.com


Restrictive Shapewear

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The last thing you want to wear on a hot day is tight and restricting shapewear. Thankfully, you can purchase breathable seamless shorts to give you a nice smooth look without constriction. Plus they add an extra layer of coverage if your skirt or dress blows up in a summer breeze. 


We like: No Nonsense NO Seamless Slip Short, $10 on nononsense.com


Smelly Shoes and Feet

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How to keep shoes smelling their best? First, try not to wear the same pair of shoes two days in a row–shoes need to air out in between wears. Place a few tablespoons of baking soda in a pair of old socks or a coffee filter and leave them tucked into your shoes overnight to absorb odors. And be sure to actually wash your feet with soap and water, and make sure they are extra dry before putting on shoes. If your feet sweat a lot, try a sprinkle of talcum powder in the soles to prevent moisture. 


Armpit Stains

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We love the look of a fresh new white shirt, but those crisp whites are bound to develop armpit stains over time. The stains typically come from your deodorant and not your sweat, so your first tip is not to put the shirt in the dryer, since deodorant residue in the fabric will react with the heat and discolor your shirt. To break up set-in armpit stains, a soak overnight in hot water and Oxi-Clean will do wonders. 


Blistered Feet

With summer shoes come blistered feet. If you are wearing shoes for the first time of the season or just got a new pair, try Band-Aid Friction Block Stick ($6 on drugstore.com), which helps prevent blisters from happening by reducing friction. Already have a blister? Advanced Healing Blister Band-Aids ($4.50 on drugstore.com) help speed up the healing process while keeping you comfortable. 


Food Stains

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Frozen treats, barbecues, picnics in the grass...If you feel like your clothes are more prone to stains in the summer, maybe that's just a sign that you're doing summer right! But don't let your summer fun ruin your favorite clothes: Our best tip is to always keep a stain stick or wipe in your purse so you can attack the mess right on the spot. For a grease stain (from oil, salad dressing, or sauce), sprinkle baby powder or cornstarch (never water!) on it as soon as you can and watch the stain disappear. 


Smelly Bathing Suits

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All that swimming can lead to a funky situation with your bathing suits. Our best piece of advice is to wash the suit when you get home in the shower with soap and water and let dry in a dry room if possible. Washing in the machine with detergent breaks down swimsuit fabric, which leads to quicker wear and tear. Suit already smelling ripe? Fill your sink with warm water; add a cup of vinegar and 1 tablespoon of salt. Let soak for 30 minutes then rinse and let dry out in the sun.