Makeup Tips and Tricks: Keep it or Toss it?

Makeup Tips and Tricks

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Sort out your beauty kit
Can you still use that mascara? Learn the telltale signs of good products gone bad.

*The scent changes. Does the product smell sour? Or simply off? It's time to say good-bye when the preservatives break down. Store products and fragrances away from direct sunlight and excessive heat so they will keep longer.

*It turns yellow—or brown. A color change doesn't necessarily mean the product is past its prime. But if it contains active ingredients, you should toss it. Antiaging components (including retinol and hydroquinone) can become more potent and irritating over time, whereas  acne zappers (such as salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide) can weaken. Make sure to close bottles tightly after each use to slow oxidation.

*The formula separates. If your product has a top layer of liquid, it probably has lost its efficacy. (The exception: nail polish. As long as the formula isn't thick and stringy, you can roll the bottle between your palms to remix.)

Bonus: Not sure whether to keep it or toss it? Here's a timetable for when to purge your goods in your beauty bag.