12 Surprising Uses for Dryer Sheets

1. Eliminate static: Wipe a dryer sheet over hair or clothing to quickly eliminate frustrating static.

2. Get rid of that old book smell: To keep old books from smelling musty, place a dryer sheet in between the pages.

3. Scrub dirty pots: Clean stubborn messes off dirty pots and pans by placing a dryer sheet on the bottom and letting it soak in water overnight. The next morning, the pot will be easier to clean.

4. Remove pet hair: Wipe dryer sheets over rugs, furniture, clothing, or anywhere pet hair accumulates to quickly remove it.

5. Freshen shoes: To make shoes smell better, place a dryer sheet in the sole and let it sit overnight.

6. Deep clean toilets: Krazy Coupon Lady uses dryer sheets to remove stubborn bathroom rings. See instructions here.

7. Clean chrome: Remove water spots from chrome faucets by scrubbing them with a dryer sheet.

8. Keep garbage cans nice: Recycle used dryer sheets by lining them on the bottom of garbage cans. They'll help absorb leaks and odors when you switch bags.

9. All-purpose deodorizer: Instead of purchasing air fresheners, keep your home smelling nice by stashing dryer sheets anywhere you want odors absorbed.

10. Clean glass: Rub dryer sheets over windows or eyeglasses to clean smudges (in the case of glasses, just make sure they're not plastic).

11. Repel bugs: Dryer sheets have insecet-repelling properties; place them in the corners of rooms, on rafters or anywhere you tend to see spider webs.

12. Use them the traditional way, but make them last longer: You can make a box of dryer sheets last four times as long by cutting individual sheets in half and using each one twice, essentially quadrupling your savings. Tip Garden has a helpful recycling guide for getting the most out of each box.

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Photo Credit: Flikr / trentssd